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I’ve recently read the book “The Kite Runner” from Khaled Hosseini. A wonderfully written, touching, thoughtful and brilliant story and for sure a recommendation to all who like to read good tales. The book inspired me a bit on this picture.


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Nice experiment! I read the movie, it is a good one.

  2. Excellent work. I'm about to read the book!

  3. A lovely and whimsical photo. The tones are so fitting for the scene. It would be beautiful framed.

  4. Beautiful picture, I like the reflection of the tail. You are now also shooting with a high-end compact, nice ;)

  5. This picture is stunning – so peaceful, I love the colors!

  6. tom

    Die Farben sind Klasse. Sehr schöne Aufnahme.

  7. the simplicity, the colors, the dreaminess of this!!!

  8. love love love the tones here.

  9. Fantastic image! Do you care to share your post processing on this?

  10. This is beautiful. Love the simple elegance and grace of this.

  11. Hilary Butler

    The cool colors in this photo work so well together. I love that you can see the sky and the water and the kite is somewhere in between.

  12. Rob

    You are a very versatile photographer. Nice portfolio, good work!

  13. I love it, awesome picture, like the processing, the lights and and…

  14. Amazing. Love it!

  15. Incredible piece of poetry..

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