The sun shines high above,
The sounds of laughter
The birds swoop down upon
The crosses of old grey churches
We say that we’re in love
While secretly wishing for rain
Sipping coke and playing games
September’s here again
September’s here again
[David Sylvian – September]



Enlightened nave in the “Dom zu Limburg”



Today I was up very early (again…I guess it becomes normality, slowly but surely), so I made the best of it, watching the first signs of the upcoming third season.



For the contrast to the previous picture… ;). No kidding, I have a new Macro lens and this is one of the first shots with it. I didn’t expect any worthy pictures from the testshots, but this one I personally found quite nice, so here it is.



Funny: a thunderstorm arrives with huge cloud-movement.
Not funny: run for a shelter two minutes later… ;)




Nothing else matters!

Sheri postet a comment about “sometimes less is more” on this picture (thanks for that!), so I decided to post a photo where less is more, in my definition. Though I did some more PS work on this piece, I hope it transports some of the nice athmosphere to you too. During the postprocessing, I’ve listened to some (for me) unusual music, but I must admit, I like it: Metallica :)

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Wish you a nice weekend!




Please you girls and guys at Canon, please put the ISO-value in the VF (at best in red color and flashing), so dumb people like me won’t forget to check the prior settings over and over again and take pictures with ISO 800 on a bright & sunny day! ;). Nevertheless I like this picture, though I had to drop about 30 others cause of noise.

enjoying the morning break


I was up quite early today :)

Just a tree

…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world :)




Inspired by the first book of Tad Williams outstanding Novel “Shadowmarch”. Tad is definately a superb Author, I love almost every book written by him, though my favs are the Otherland- and the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series.